Barbera d'Asti "La Guerinotta"

The Barbera vine is one of the most traditional and most cultivated Piemontese vines and gives origin to one of the most complete of red wines which is known as la Barbera.

Its superb structure in constant evolution, together with a pleasant freshness and delicate tanninicity make it particularly suitable for ageing.

It is ruby-red, leaning towards garnet in colour as it ages, with hints of violet, berries, red-fruit and spices to enhance its flavour.

We suggest accompanying this wine with the speciality dishes of the Piemontese tradition; red meat; game; and aged cheeses.

Barbera d'Asti Superiore La Balzana

It is the elegant evolution, in Slavonian big oak casks, of an accurate selection of Barbera grapes that have reached the right phenolic and technoligcal ripening.

With a ruby red color and garny reflection, it has wide fruity aroma: spirits cherry, plums, tobacco, spices and licorice.

Characterized from a sweet and evolved tannins, it’s fresh, long and with a full body.

It’s appreciated for the pairings with braised or roasted meat and with aged cheese.

Brachetto d'Acqui

It is a sweet red aromatic wine, which shows its maximum expression in the AcquiTerme’s viticultural region.

It has faint ruby red color and typical musky aroma with a rose note very elegant and characteristic.

It has a sweet and delicate flavor and is appreciated also with some appetizers.

Its perfect pairings is with fruit salads, particularly those made with peach and strawberry.

Cortese Alto Monferrato "Cà d'Nucent"

Cortese is one of the most traditional white-berry vines of the Monferrato region.

Its colour is of a delicate straw-hued yellow, and if consumed when it is still a young wine, it reminisces of white flowers and fresh fruit in flavour.

We suggest accompanying this wine with fish hors-d'oeuvres.

Also enjoy it as a delicious aperitif.

Dolcetto d'Acqui "La Moschina"

Dolcetto is traditionally sparse in various zones in Piedmont but its origin is in the Acqui area. It is an intense ruby-red in colour with a tinge of purple.

The aroma is one characteristically of wine, with hints of plum, cherry and berries. Its flavour is dry and pleasantly tannic with a moderate amount of acidity and a finale typically of almond.

We suggest the choice of this wine to accompany any choice of dish but it is especially indicated to accompany cold-cuts. Dolcetto wine is excellent as a young wine and you need not wait for it to be aged before drinking.

Monferrato Freisa "La Gilarda"

Freisa is a classic Piemontese vine which has, alas, become rather rare in the Monferrato area.

It is intense ruby-red with purple reflections in colour, and hints of raspberry and redfruits, with a delicate note of spice which enhance its aroma.

It has an excellent structure and a pleasant hint of tannin.

We suggest the choice of this wine to accompany cold-cuts, pasta dishes with ragù sauce and roasts.

Moscato d'Asti

Is obtained from grapes that have reached a complete ripening with a high sugar and aroma contents.

With its pale yellow color with gold reflection, it has a slightly natural effervescence.

It’s sweet, intense, with typical smell of fragrant fruits like apricot, pineapple, peach and aromatic grass.

It’s perfect to match little pastries and with the Zabaione.

Piemonte Albarossa

Albarossa wine is a crossbreed between Nebbiolo of Dronero (Chatus) and Barbera studied in 1938 by Professor Dalmasso and experimented approximately 60 years later in the “Tenuta Cannona” (vine-growing and wine experimental centre of the Piedmont Region).

Albarossa has a deep-ruby-red colour, its flavour has a hint of intense red fruit aroma, spices and a characteristic vegetable note. It has a powerful structure, characterised by a pleasant freshness, a balanced tannin sensation, great softness and excellent aromatic persistance.

We highly suggest serving this wine to accompany traditional Italian dishes.

Piemonte Chardonnay "Il Picchio"

Chardonnay is an international vine which adapts well to the Monferrato territory of Piedmont thereby offering a gentle wine with a pleasant structure and longevity.

It is a delicate straw-yellow in colour and its flavour echos of flowers and of fruit, with a distinct characteristic note of minerals.

We suggest accompanying this wine with fish dishes, risotto, and white meat (chicken, rabbit..)

Piemonte Rosato "La Vedova"

Obtained from a white vinification of Dolcetto (50%) and Freisa (50%) grapes, after a short cold maceration (6-8 hours).

With a lightly cherry red colour, the flavour is fruity, with notes of strawberry, raspberry and sweet spices.

It is soft and fresh, with a good aromaticpersistance.

Ideal as aperitif, it is adapt to accompany first dishes and appetizers.