Franco Ivaldi Vini




The philosophy of the winery is to produce wines that fully reflect the peculiar characteristics of the great Piedmontese vines, handed down and selected thanks to the region's ancient winemaking tradition.

Starting from careful viticulture and controlled yields suitable for the production of grapes that reach an excellent level of ripeness; the technological and winemaking choices of the company are based on rules as simple as they are important for the objective, such as the separate vinification of the different batches of grapes and the dosed use of wooden containers for the refinement of red wines. The constant care and meticulous process controls that follow the wine from the initial stages to bottling are fundamental, aimed at obtaining the same wines that we will be happy to consume.

To complete our production, a small percentage of the grapes is purchased from a few trusted collaborators, our 'neighbors', winemakers who are able to guarantee exemplary work in the vineyard and obtain a top quality raw material.

The energy requirement is satisfied almost totally by a photovoltaic system that the company is equipped with, therefore, with a very low environmental impact.